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An experienced Vermont DUI attorney can help you through the staggering emotional, financial and family consequences of a DUI arrest. Having defended drinking drivers in Vermont since 1982, I have the knowledge, the focus and the determination necessary to successfully defend your case.In Vermont, first offenders face a 90-day suspension (or more), a $750 fine, up to 2 years imprisonment, evaluation by a licensed alcohol counselor, driver’s education classes and more. Repeat offenders face even harsher penalities. If you are from out of state and are convicted of a Vermont DUI, that conviction will be forwarded to your home state where you could be facing a potentially longer license suspension than 90 days.

I can help you avoid imprisonment, retain your license, keep your vehicle, avoid insurance surcharges, prevent a criminal record and reduce your fines.

“With my extensive background in Vermont DUI Defense, I understand the legal complexities of DUI cases, the technical aspects of breath testing and have the courtroom experience and the know-how to attack the State’s case — all elements of a successful DUI defense.”

Please visit our new Videos Section. This growing library of videos will help walk you through your DUI Defense and provide a better understanding of the process. If you are facing a DUI in Vermont, Don't Go it Alone! Call me today.

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Notice of Intent to Suspend

What you face with a Vermont DUI conviction

How I Can Help You:

NCDD National College for DUI Defense: Bradley D. Myerson

  • Obtain the video and all records of your stop, arrest, and processing.
  • Talk with any witnesses.
  • Review and challenge, if warranted, the legality of stop and of the roadside testing, including the vehicle exit order.
  • Review, research and challenge, if warranted, the in station breath testing procedures, including whether counsel was provided, whether all Miranda and breath testing rights were properly given, whether a private conversation with counsel was provided and whether proper breath testing protocols were adhered to.
  • Review maintenance records for the breath testing machine to determine its accuracy when the test was given, when your test was taken.
  • If blood testing was performed, either for alcohol or drugs, whether collection, testing and analysis protocols were strictly followed.
  • Retain the services of a forensic chemist to attack the breath or blood test results.
  • Defend you in Court for all Hearings, including Motions to Suppress and Civil Suspension Hearings.
  • Negotiate the best possible Plea Agreement.
  • Try your case to a Jury.

Press Release

Attorney Bradley D. Myerson Receives U.S. News 2021 "Best Law Firms" Listing

Attorney Bradley D. Myerson of Manchester Center, Vermont, has been selected for inclusion in the 2021 Edition of The Best Lawyers in America© for his work in Criminal Defense.  This is the fifteenth year he has been listed with The Best Lawyers in America.

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