Windsor County DUI Defense


If you've been arrested for DUI/DWI in Windsor County, Vermont, including:

  • White River Junction
  • Hartford
  • Woodstock (County Seat)
  • Ludlow / Okemo Mt.
  • Springfield
  • Windsor
  • Royalton

For more information on expungements please visit the Vermont's Legal Help website.

What You Need To Know:

States Attorney:
Ward Goodenough:
(802) 295-8870

Windsor Superior Court,
Care of Dawn Hudson, COM
82 Railroad Row
White River Junction, VT 05001
(802) 295-8865

Directions to Courthouse:
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Parking Information: Windsor Civil

Location: Route 4 at 12 The Green, Woodstock, VT.


Parking Information: Windsor Criminal

Location: 82 Railroad Row, White River Jct, VT.

If approaching from Interstate 89, proceed to the downtown area, go through the stop sign, bear left across the railroad tracks and you will be facing the courthouse.

Testimonials From Windsor County, VT Clients:

"Placing my trust in your ability as a lawyer has been one of the better decisions I've made in my life."
—From a Massachusetts client

"We think the quality of your handling of P's case was excellent. You were very quick about all your communications to us, and explained at length all the pros and cons of decisions P had the choice to went to bat for him, did the research, and gave him very good advice...I would certainly recommend your services to anyone in a similar situation."
—From the mother of a New Hampshire Client

"Unfortunately, my 4th of July weekend ended with a DUI. During my initial consultation with Brad, I felt extremely confident in his ability to fully protect my interests. I am very happy with my decision to hire him. He kept me well informed during the whole process, and was diligent in his practice. Thanks to Brad's courtroom assertiveness and proactive approach to my case, our motion to suppress all evidence resulted in a DUI dismissal. I appreciate his service, and highly recommend him to others with similar circumstances. "
—From a Maine Client

Case Results From Windsor County:

Secured a Judgment Suppressing all Evidence, resulting in Dismissal of the DUI 2nd Offense Charge, and Judgment for the Operator in the Civil Suspension case, on grounds that the tip forwarded to the police, who then "seized" the client while seated in his car outside of a liquor store, was only vague and conclusory, making the subsequent DUI arrest unlawful.
(November 2017)

Secured a Reduction of a DUI 4th Offense to a 1st Offense, with Judgment for the Operator in the Civil Suspension and the client receiving a 2 year deferred sentence on the DUI 1st Offense with the conviction not being of record (meaning the charge would be dismissed if the client fulfilled his probation requirements).

(February 2015)

Secured a reduction of the underlying DUI 2nd Offense (Drugged Driving) charge to Negligent Operation and judgment in favor of the operator on the Civil Suspension (2nd Offense) proceeding, after the client refused an evidentiary blood test, on grounds that the officer requesting the blood test was not qualified as a Drug Recognition Evaluator (DRE), that there was insufficient evidence that the client was operating under the influence of drugs, and that the refusal to provide a blood sample should be suppressed because the request for a blood test came before instead of after, proper administration of the requisite 12 step DRE protocol.

January 2014

Secured a Judgment Suppressing All Evidence and Judgment In Favor Of The Operator on the Civil Suspension (refusal) proceeding, on grounds that the arresting officers acted unlawfully in ordering the client to exit his vehicle with his hands up and later frisked him, thereby saving the client from a 6 month suspension for refusing the breath test, on grounds that the trial judge agreed that the officers' actions constituted a "de facto" arrest without probable cause.
October 2011

Secured a Judgment in Favor of the Operator on the Civil Suspension proceeding, reduction of the underlying DUI charge to Negligent Operation, and Dismissal of Negligent Operation and False Information to a Police Officer charges, where the blood test result was 0.189%, on grounds that the arresting officer lacked authority to process the client for DUI outside of his own town, the arresting officer threatened the client with jail unless he provided a blood sample, and that a breath test and not blood sample should have been requested.
October 2011