Recent Case Results – Motor Vehicle Felonies

NOTE: The full text of these cases which were decided by a written Court Order may be found by clicking here or by selecting Cases of Note under the Recent Cases menu item.

Secured a reduction of 2 Felony Counts of Grossly Negligent Operation, Serious Injury Resulting, to Misdemeanors, after arguing that the State could not prove beyond a reasonable doubt that the client’s driving was Grossly Negligent, even though he lost control in a snowstorm and collided with a vehicle in the opposite lane of travel.
April 2020

Secured a reduced charge of Misdemeanor Grossly Negligent Operation, where the client had originally been charged with Grossly Negligent Operation, Fatality Resulting, a Felony punishable up to 15 years in prison, based upon a fatal head-on collision in the breakdown lane of the opposite (wrong) lane of travel. The State consented to the reduced Misdemeanor charge after Attorney Myerson deposed the State Police Accident Reconstruction Expert and the filed a Motion to Exclude that expert’s testimony regarding vehicular speed.