What to expect after arraignment – Part 2

You don't need to go it alone.  Here's what to expect after court - Part 2.

​Here is what happens after court (continued):

​Hearings in your case will generally be held 30 days or more after your first Status Conference. The officer will testify and be cross examined. Any videos important to the legal arguments raised in the motions will be played and any defense witnesses may testify. The State's request to have your driver's license suspended would also be litigated at this hearing.

Afterward the Judge would take the matter "under advisement", meaning that he or she would review the materials the attorneys have filed and the evidence from the hearing in writing a Decision. Depending upon what the Judge decides, your outcome could range from having all of the evidence thrown out and the charges dismissed, to all defense motions being denied and judgment being entered in favor of the State on the Civil Suspension case, meaning that your license would be suspended roughly 2 weeks after the Judge's Decision is filed.

​30 days after the Court issues its Decision, there would be another Status or Pre-Trial Conference. This would generally be the point that at which you would have to decide whether to negotiate a settlement with the State or whether to go to Trial. On average, most DWI's cases in Vermont are resolved at this stage although it is of course up to you, with my advice, whether you want to settle or to go to Trial.

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