Police Mistakes After Arrest Part 2

Part 2 of Common Police Mistakes made after a Vermont DUI Arrest. ​

In this video we continue our discussion of Common Police Mistakes.

Key points you really need to know - Breath Testing:

  • If you provided a breath sample , or a blood sample, did you do so voluntarily or were you threatened in any way?
  • Did the officer remain in the room with you for at least 15 minutes in between the time you agreed to provide a breath sample and actually gave a breath sample
  • Did you burp, belch or vomit before giving a breath sample?
  • If you provided a breath sample, did the officer tell you the results before asking whether you wanted to provide a second breath sample?
  • Did the officer even ask you whether you wanted to give a second breath sample
  • If the officer wanted you to give a blood sample, i.e. in a DUI Drug case, did he tell you that you had the right to request a search warrant before giving blood
  • Did he even have probable cause to request a blood sample?
  • If you provided a breath sample, did he tell you that you had the right to get an independent blood test?
  • If you weren't allowed to go home ,but police took you to jail or to a dry out facility to spend the night, were you told that if you wanted an independent blood test the police had to arrange such testing for you?

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