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"Excellent attorney. Professional, honest and very reasonable, with incredible knowledge."
—From a Rutland, Vermont Client

"I don’t believe most lawyers would have worked as hard or relentlessly as you have done for me”
—From a Massachusetts Client

"We thank you for the truly superb job you did in helping our son navigate successfully through a complicated legal process that took place in both criminal and family court! Not only did you expertly research and prepare his case, you were brilliant defending him in front of the various prosecutors and judges. We also very much appreciate that you were most patient, helpful and kind during the stressful times leading up to the final court date. You have our deepest appreciation and our highest recommendation!"
—From a Vermont Client

"Brad Myerson was very understanding of my situation and helped me get the best possible outcome from what I thought was a hopeless situation. Brad not only fought a winning fight for me but he sincerely cared about how I was feeling during the process. He was very attentive to details and kept me informed at all times. I’m truly grateful for his exceptional professionalism and experience."
—From a Vermont Client

"I am extremely grateful to have found Brad Myerson to represent me after an accident that resulted in DUI. Brad's keenness and genuineness through the process helped me remain calm in a stressful situation. The outcome spared me and my family unnecessary repercussions that could have affected my family for years." Thanks again Brad!
—From a New York Client

"I cannot thank Brad Myerson enough for helping me with my DUI case. After having dinner with close friends during a "girls" weekend at my home in Killington I was pulled over for a frivolous driving infraction and later found myself under arrest for suspicion of DUI..... I was very impressed that Mr. Myerson brought every detail to the table at my hearing and without even knowing the immediate outcome, I felt a sense of confidence that it would go well. Along with Mr. Myerson's professionalism came a sense of caring and understanding of how negatively this situation can impact the individual and their family. After five long months my case was dismissed and I would highly recommend Mr. Myerson's services."
—From a New Hampshire Client

"I want to thank you for the great work on my case. I'm so thankful you were referred to me... my charges were serious... your research created great arguments. The results were a gift... a second chance! My charges were dismissed... as a tradesman I would have to say you are a craftsman of your trade."
—From a New York Client

A musical testimonial from a Dorset, Vermont Client...

"The quality of Brad's work was top-notch. He achieved the results I wanted in a very cost-effective manner. He was attentive and responsive every step of the way. I wouldn't hesitate to use Brad again in the future."
—From a Connecticut Client

"He worked vigorously, extremely professionally, and was always available for questions I had throughout the process.... he very well may have saved my career and future career opportunities and for that I (am) forever grateful.... he truly cares about his clients and will do everything in his power to achieve an acceptable outcome."
—From a Vermont Client

"...your representation of my case was first rate and I consider myself fortunate to have gotten the resolution you got me. You worked hard, I know, and you were always straight forward and professional."
—From a Maine Client

"Brad Myerson was recommended to me by a friend in the legal system after I was pulled over and charged with DUI-1. Over the course of a year, and after many court dates, the civil suspension case was dropped, and the criminal case was lessened to a negligent operation charge. This outcome was achieved in a county where the State’s Attorney office had a firm policy against reducing civil DUI charges. I don’t intend to be a repeat customer, but I wouldn’t hesitate to work with Myerson Law Offices again."
—From a Rutland, Vermont Client

"I can’t thank you enough for all your hard work. You have done far more than what I thought would be possible in this case. My family and I will forever be grateful."
—From a Pennsylvania Client

"I really appreciated your professionalism, diligence and your constant follow up throughout this whole process. I am extremely satisfied with the end result, due to your work and effort on my behalf. I would definitely recommend you to anyone that encounters a DUI stop like mine. Without your help I would have lost my license for 6 months in Connecticut which would have put my business at risk because I have to drive."
—From a Connecticut Client

"We think the quality of your handling of P’s case was excellent. You were very quick about all your communications to us, and explained at length all the pros and cons of decisions P had the choice to make…you went to bat for him, did the research, and gave him very good advice…I would certainly recommend your services to anyone in a similar situation."
—From the mother of a New Hampshire Client

"Please accept this message of thanks for the diligent and exemplary representation. You were presented with a difficult and challenging case and worked very hard to achieve an optimum result. You made sure the witnesses were thoroughly prepared and submitted a superb sentencing memorandum that was most persuasive. As a trial attorney, I know the talent and effort required to succeed and you possess these qualities in abundance. I would wholeheartedly recommend you to those in need of an outstanding Vermont attorney."
—From a New York Client

"You saved us from that first night we met with you. You were patient, concerned, so knowledgeable of the law and most of all compassionate. Your work ethic is tireless and your promptness with everything despite a difficult system is to be commended. There were times that I thought I would never get through this and have J home, but you always reminded me “not if but when."
—From a Rhode Island Client

"Brad Myerson represented me in the matter of my third DUI infraction this past summer. I can unequivocally say that he showed professionalism, a true understanding of Vermont DUI Law, and was my trusted guide throughout every stage of the jurisprudence process. Brad was there for me when I needed him and successfully averted serious penalties and imprisonment that I was facing."
—From a New York Client

"My awesome ski day ended with a potential DUI. I had never had anything like this happen and was very embarrassed. I was worried that this would ruin my perfect driving record, and lose my license. I can remember speaking to Bradley on the phone at the beginning of it all and got the feeling that he really knew the laws, and I felt confident in hiring him as my lawyer. He worked very hard to avoid the DUI, and was able to get it down to a minimal charge and save my record."
—From a Massachusetts Client

"When I was being accused of wrongful doing, and was facing two felony charges, I couldn’t have asked for better representation. Brad was there by my side fighting thick and thin until the end when he got the charges dropped. He was always very quick to answer emails and return my calls. I can’t thank him enough for his time and dedication to the case."
—From a Vermont Client

"Mr. Myerson represented our son in an alleged charge by the State of Vermont for DUI and underage consumption of alcohol. Not only was Mr. Myerson able to convince the State of Vermont to an elimination of the DUI charge in favor of a lesser charge he was also able to convince the State to completely dismiss the underage consumption of alcohol charge.

This was unfortunately our first experience in dealing with the justice system and I believe Mr. Myerson was without a doubt the best attorney we could have chosen. His professionalism, attention to detail, compassion and 24/7 accessibility made this difficult experience easier on all of us."
—From a Manchester, Vermont Client

"Unfortunately, my 4th of July weekend ended with a DUI. During my initial consultation with Brad, I felt extremely confident in his ability to fully protect my interests. I am very happy with my decision to hire him. He kept me well informed during the whole process, and was diligent in his practice. Thanks to Brad’s courtroom assertiveness and proactive approach to my case, our motion to suppress all evidence resulted in a DUI dismissal. I appreciate his service, and highly recommend him to others with similar circumstances."
—From a Maine Client

"After I was arrested for DUI with a BAC of 0.23, I felt a lot of guilt, shame, and remorse. I was also about to get a lifelong record that would cost a lot now and seriously disrupt my work and my future. I decided taking personal responsibility for this didn’t mean letting the State decide my future, and so I searched for the best lawyer I could find who specialized in DUI’s in Vermont, who would fight for me and who I could trust with the whole truth and with my families future. Choosing Bradley Myerson was one of the best decisions of my life. He examined every inch of my case for legal possibilities, challenged in court and won a suppression of the breath evidence, and then he negotiated a much reduced penalty that I can manage and live with. I feel that my family was given a second chance, thanks to Bradley Myerson."
– From a Lebanon, New Hampshire Client

"After a family wedding celebration I was arrested for a DUI. We hired Bradley Myerson who immediately went to work… and quickly developed a brilliant defense strategy that… was extremely well thought out, and backed up with numerous successful case histories. (on) The day of the Hearing… after less than twenty minutes the Judge ruled in our favor, the case was closed! This verdict spared me and my family from an embarrassing and expensive experience… I would highly recommend retaining Bradley Myerson for your defense attorney…"
– From a Rhode Island Client

"We cannot thank you enough for your support and expertise during his case. You were always willing to explain things to us many times over until we fully understood and you kept us informed regularly of
any and all progress while remaining honest and managing our expectations. Your office staff was kind and provided us with copies of all documents in a timely manner. The end result for his case could not have been better and it never would have been possible if you hadn’t asked about the situation thoroughly enough to challenge the case. A short email doesn’t accurately express our gratitude for the outcome; please know we will recommend you should anyone we know have a similar situation because you acted on his behalf so well."
– From a Massachusetts Client

"When my husband was charged with a D.W.I. last winter, our lives could have been turned upside down. We are so happy that we hired Mr. Myerson as our attorney. He truly went the extra mile and left no stone unturned in my husband’s defense. As a result, the charges were drastically reduced and a very liveable plea agreement was reached. Thank you so much Brad!"
– Manchester, Vermont

"I felt very comfortable with how you handled my criminal case and helped me through a most difficult time. You were honest and I was able to trust you. Most importantly I was quite pleased with how my case turned out."
– Shaftsbury, Vermont

"Bob and I appreciate all you have done for us during this time.  You always presented all the facts and possibilities straight-forward.  You were resourceful in your job of helping us come to the outcome that we believe is fair and reasonable considering all the facts of this case."

"We would certainly recommend you to those who might need help in similar situations and have to go through the Bennington Court."
– Manchester, Vermont

"Your service was excellent. I was extremely impressed by your dedication to my case. Your lawyering converted a dismal case from sure conviction to an insignificant lesser charge.Mr. Myerson, I feel confident recommending you to all of my friends, family, and associates. Your ethical practice serves as the model by which all attorneys should strive to reach.  Thank you for your time, service, and dedication."
– From a Maryland Client

"I am more than happy with the outcome of my DWI case being reduced to a Negligent Operation. Your attention to detail and kindness during this difficult time is much appreciated! I would also like to recognize your staff’s professionalism whenever I called with questions and concerns. I highly recommend you and your firm to others in similar situations. Thank You Very Much!"
– From a Connecticut Client

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